Halftime Report – Feb. 2018

Welcome to the Halftime Report February 2018. The blogpost is a little late, but finally i got it done. I have been really busy in recent weeks, but i can see progress with the projects.
After quite a while it’s time again for a portfolio update and an outlook for the weeks to come.
As of February 2018 my portfolio consist of 22 companies and one bond-fund.

Portfolio value: 100.971 $
Cash: 24.810 $
Other: 10.420 $

Total: 136.202 $

Despite some new additions, my portfolio value is on a downward trend since the beginning of 2018. Especially three factors are responsible for that.
The overall pressure on REITs due to rising interest fears and the significantly lower Dollar in relation to the Euro. Furthermore the „flash-crash“ at the beginning of the month let stock prices fall.
But all this are the usual ups and downs of the stock market, with wich you have to live while traveling on the road to Financial Independence. These short term conditions should never influence you to take premature actions. Keep going your way and try to use these market conditions for your purposes.



Recent Buy – Aktueller Kauf

50 Royal Dutch Shell @ 27,71€ per share – 1.385 € total

Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-24 um 11.49.39 2

Another purchase of Royal Dutch Shell shares. The british-dutch oil-giant has adopted to lower prices through effective cost cutting and strengthened it’s competitiveness. After buying into the gas sector with the BG Group acquisition, Shell is more diversified too.
The recent numbers tell a story of a financially solid company.



Dividend Income – Jan. 2018

January 2018 – the first month of my third year of my journey to Financial Independence. As usual it’s time for a dividend update, which is one of my favorite blogposts.
The following securities of my portfolio paid dividends:

PepsiCo – 10,53 $
Red Eléctrica – 29,06 $
W.P. Carey – 30,43 $
Main Street Capital – 19,66 $
Realty Income – 37,05 $
Store Capital – 23,62 $
Cisco Systems – 13,62 $


Watchlist Dividend Stocks – Germany (Part 1)

English version below

In vielen Portfolios von Dividenden Investoren dominieren -verständlicherweise- Werte aus den USA. Dies trifft auch auf mein Portfolio zu. In Bezug auf eine Diversifizierung, welche meiner Meinung nach generell enorm wichtig ist, sollte man aber neben verschiedenen Branchen auch unterschiedliche Länder und Währungen im Blick haben.

Ich möchte an dieser Stelle eine kleine Auswahl (Teil 1) deutscher Dividendenwerte darstellen. Dabei handelt es sich um eine ganz persönliche, nicht abschließende Watchlist, die keine Kaufempfehlung darstellt, sondern als mögliche Anregung für eigene Recherchen dient.

Folgende Titel befinden sich auf der Watchlist -Dividendentitel Deutschland Teil 1- Weiterlesen

Recent Buy – Aktueller Kauf

English version below

Das aktuelle Marktumfeld mit fast täglich neuen Rekordständen der Indizes macht es für Dividenden Investoren nicht gerade einfach, frisches Kapital anzulegen. Viele klassische Dividendentitel weisen meiner Meinung nach eine hohe – teilweise zu hohe – Bewertung auf.
Der Sektor der REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) ist allerdings etwas unter Druck geraten und die Kurse vieler solider Unternehmen haben nachgegeben. Grund hierfür sind die gestiegenen Zinsen in den USA mit der Erwartung weiter steigender Zinsen aufgrund der robusten Wirtschaftslage. Darüber hinaus scheint dieser „langweilige“ Sektor nicht so stark von der US-Steuerreform zu profitieren wie andere Bereiche. Weiterlesen

Halftime Report – Jan. 2018


Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-14 um 08.23.06 2


The year 2018 has just begun and that’s typically the time of year for setting new goals.
Beside the ultimate goal – Financial Independence – it makes perfect sense to define goals along the road. It helps staying on the right track and it can motivate and push you.
There is a wide range when choosing goals, limited by your fantasy only, but i think it’s best to set reasonable and realistic goals which are within reach. In doing so you create success stories. On the other hand these goals should be ambitious, because that enables you to break through walls which may exist only in your head and it is a step towards your full potential.
Usually i tend to set my goals a little bit on the conservative side. It just feels good reaching these goals and in addition to that, i keep the foot on the pedal anyway. Weiterlesen

Dividend Income – Dec. 2017

It’s 2018, Welcome @ DividendSolutions! I hope that everyone of you out there had a nice new years eve and a good, relaxed start in 2018.

As usual the first blogpost of the month is about the dividend income. The following securities of my portfolio paid dividends:

Southern Co. – 19,63 $
Realty Income – 31,89 $
Global X S-Div ETF – 11,13 $
Qualcomm – 19,31 $
IBM – 24,81 $
Royal Dutch Shell – 46,09 $
Main Street Capital – 41,40 $
V.F. Corp – 19,04 $
Interest for Cash Reserve – 54,83 $ Weiterlesen