Halftime Report – July 2018

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Welcome to the Halftime Report July 2018. The blogpost is a little late, but finally i got it done.
The first half of 2018 is already over and after quite a while it’s time again for a portfolio update and an outlook for the weeks and months to come. I was not as active buying new stocks as i was last year, but i added to existing positions like AT&T or PepsiCo and W.P. Carey for example. The german „telecom-giant“ Deutsche Telekom was the only new company in my portfolio.

As of July 2018 my portfolio consists of 23 companies and one bond-fund. Portfolio

Portfolio value: 108.043 $
Cash: 23.311 $
Other: 11.072 $

Total: 142.426 $


Savings (Jan 2018 – July 2018) : 12.383 $

In the first half of 2018 the portfolio value was on a downward trend, but in recent weeks the momentum shifted and the overall value started to climb to new heights.
On one hand i like seeing the numbers going up, on the other hand it’s definitely more difficult to find companies i want to add shares and which are fairly valued.
(especially those in my portfolio). Among other things this is one reason why i stayed on the sidelines in July so far. Weiterlesen


Dividend Income – June 2018


Welcome to the monthly dividend income update. The month of May has been another record breaking one, but only because Freenet shifted the payment from June to May. The dividend income from Freenet is therefore „missing“ in June.
The following securities of my portfolio paid dividends in June:

Southern Company: 19,76 $
Royal Dutch Shell: 62,20 $
IBM: 36,57 $
Realty Income: 40,71 $
V.F. Corp: 18,79 $
Main Street Capital: 41,36 $
PepsiCo: 23,91 $

Total: 243,32 $


Recent Buy – Aktueller Kauf


This month i thought about staying on the sidelines and skipping my regular purchase – no particular reason, just a gut feeling that we would see lower stock prices. But in the end i decided to buy some shares of W.P. Carey and add to my existing position.

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25 W.P. Carey @ 57,35 € per share – 1433 € total

In my Halftime Report – May 2018 i took a closer look at this great company.



Halftime Report – June 2018

Willkommen zum Halftime Report Juni 2018. Der Juni, aber auch Mai waren insgesamt ziemlich arbeits- und ereignisreich. Trotzdem haben wir es geschafft uns eine kleine Auszeit zu nehmen und eine Städtetour zu machen, von der ich hier kurz berichten möchte. Letztes Jahr war es NewYork City, dieses mal ist die Wahl auf Berlin gefallen. Reisen gehört für mich zu den Dingen, auf die ich nicht verzichten möchte.

Im Gegensatz zu NewYork City war ich schon des Öfteren in Berlin, aber ich finde, dass Berlin in Abständen immer wieder eine Reise wert ist. Auch fast 30 Jahre nach dem Mauerfall wird an vielen Großprojekten gebaut und man hat das Gefühl, dass die Stadt an allen Ecken und Enden boomt.
Besonders gefällt mir an Berlin die Mischung aus Moderne und den vielen alten Bauwerken aus der deutschen Geschichte.


Dividend Income – May 2018

Welcome to the monthly dividend income update. Time „flies“ and my favorite month is already history. The total for the month of May is a new all-time dividend income record! Feels great!
But i set the new record just because some companies changed their pay-date. For example, Freenet paid dividends this May, last year it was June.

The following securities of my portfolio paid dividends in May:


Recent Buy – Aktueller Kauf


After my purchase of 40 additional shares of AT&T about two weeks ago, i thought i was done for the month of May. – Wrong – !


PepsiCo, which is one of my core holdings, raised the dividend from 3,22$ to 3,71$, a 15% increase. Wow – that is a raise! On top of that the company announced a 15 billion buyback program over the next 3 years. And what happened to the stock price? Since a few months it is on a downhill slide and then some after the Q1 numbers.
This combination, the dividend increase and the stock price decline pushed the dividend yield to 3,83%. In the last two years the yield stood often around 2,7%-2,9%. A huge gap. Time to „load the bases“.

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Halftime Report – May 2018

Welcome to the Halftime Report May 2018 – definitely my favorite month of the year.
This time i would like to take a closer look at a company which flies a little under the radar in my opinion, especially in Germany.

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W.P. Carey was founded in the USA in 1973 by William P. Carey and belongs to the REIT Sector (Real Estate Investment Trust). The company headquarter is based in New York City, NY.
W.P. Carey is an internally managed net-lease REIT (net-lease means that the tenant has to pay for taxes, insurance and maintenance costs). W.P. Carey operates primarily in the USA and Europe.
Besides the real estate portfolio, W.P. Carey has a wealth management branch with assets under management of about 13,1 billion dollars.
As of December 2017, WPC had 886 properties with 208 tenants, worth 8,2 billion dollars.